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My name is Tessa De Buysere. I am a certified and experienced Coaching Professional and Trainer. 

I founded Consilia in 2015.

Consilia guides professionals

in functioning more effectively

and becoming more resilient at work.

Guided by a structured approach and based on refreshing frameworks, I support my clients in becoming aware of their existing challenges to transform their mindset and habits in a sustainable way.


about me


My approach facilitates positive change to


  • help you break out of autopilot,

  • encourage new thinking and insights, and

  • embed new learning and behavior.


Upon your request, the coaching can be supported by an individual assessment or 360° feedback tools.


I offer 3 services: Personal Presence Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Career Coaching.


(individual or in group)

Do you want to worry less?

Do you avoid any 'hassle' and not getting anything done?

How do you cope with powerful experiences?

Do you get uncomfortable in certain circumstances?

Do you claim your spot?


​Based on refreshing thinking models I will challenge you to identify the most potent things you can do to make a dramatic shift in your effectiveness and to take immediate action to enhance your recovered energy.

You may choose for individual sessions or for workshops in group.

Interested? Get in touch today for more information!



Do you want a job that energizes you? 

Do you feel flat-out stuck in your career?

Do you feel excluded by your colleagues? 

Are you afraid to attempt a major career pivot?

Have you sent out resumes without success?

Do interviews paralyze you?

​If you need guidance and inspiration to achieve more of your professional goals, get in touch today and start taking control of your career with the help of my coaching tools and techniques.


As I am connected to the career center "Dialogisch", mandated by the VDAB, you may consider to apply for a ‘career check’ (loopbaancheque) from the VDAB. You can check your eligibility and much more on



(individual or in group)

What do your people really expect from you?

How clear do you translate your expectations?

Do you know how to bring out the best in people?

How do you reconcile opposing goals without compromise?

How do you handle delicate conversations?

Inspiring managers use the power of opposites and know how to deal with the paradox of leadership in a flexible way. They know the strengths and challenges of their team and easily deal with the differences between their employees. They are a catalyst for the performance and growth of their team members. It is up to them to be the best possible coaches for their people, their teams and their organization without denying their authentic self.

I engage the participants to reflect on their current leadership skills and practices and to make real, sustained change in their day-to-day behavior.


​These workshops can be customized and organized within your company. However, if you prefer to be detached from daily operations or if you prefer to learn from other leaders active in other sectors or markets, I would advise you to participate at the monthly evening sessions organized at my office in Gentbrugge.

Interested? Please, get in touch with me to discuss the best approach to your needs.

Whatever you want to attain, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.

"It isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.

It's about learning how to dance in the rain..."     

                                                                                                                Vivienne Green


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Hollebeekpark 6A

9820 Merelbeke

+32 478 32 61 35

about what i do
contact me


I am a senior Human Resources professional and a certified

coach with a master degree in Commercial Engineering. So, I

understand people and I understand business.

I have been working for more than 20 years in national and international work environments. I have strong analytical skills, always looking for effective and practical solutions to ‘people’ issues.

I am passionate about people and a strong believer in the power of awareness.  

My mission is to act as a ‘transformation catalyst’ to guide my clients, managers as well as employees, break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in their growth.

Within organisations I conciliate the needs of the managers as well as the team members, to give life to flourishing organizations.

Here you may listen to a few credentials (in dutch): 

I am tri-lingual: Dutch – French – English.

Get in touch today to see what I can do for you. 

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